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CLI Tool Integration Instructions - Android

The CLI tool is a small wrapper around gradlew build command that reads build output and filters unsupported classes in Product Science instrumentation. It will build the specified release in a loop until successful.

1. Gradle Setup

First follow Gradle Instructions up to step 6: Build your app (this will be used after integration) to setup build environment

2. Download CLI Tool

Download the CLI tool .jar from our Artifactory: Download here

3. Clean Build Directory and Run .jar

integration-cli is a CLI on top of Gradle which automates integration with the PS Plugin by receiving your regular gradle build command as input. Please use flag --stacktrace together with gradle command.

1. We recommend cleaning your project before starting:

rm -rf ./**/build
./gradlew clean

2. Run the jar with your normal Gradle command.

Example: If you build the project with ./gradlew assembleRelease your integration-cli command will look like:

java -jar integration-cli.jar "./gradlew assembleRelease --stacktrace"

4. Share .apk and ps-output Directory

Upload to Google Drive (or sharing service of your choice) and share with us