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iOS Application Distribution Instructions

iOS applications are distributed as IPA archives. To export application it must be signed with some Apple Development Team certificate.

Option 1: TestFlight

TestFlight is the default Apple tool for beta testing:

Distribution Process

  1. PS: Send employee emails
  2. Client: Build PS-injected app and upload it in TestFlight
  3. Client: Invite Product Science emails as testers for uploaded app

Option 2: Ad-Hoc IPA

App can be distributed directly as IPA with two options for signing

Distribution Process

  1. Client: Build PS-injected app and export it as Ad-Hoc
  2. Client: Send exported IPA to PS
How to export app as ad-hoc in XCode Product → Archive Archive Window → Organizer Organizer Distribute App → Ad-Hoc Ad-hoc

Signing Options

Best Option: Add PS Devices to Apple Development Account

App can be distributed directly as IPA and installed on device if device’s UUID is added to Apple Development account.

  1. PS: Send employee devices UUIDs
  2. Client: Add device to company’s devices list:

Limitations: Apple Development allows only 100 added devices simultaneously.

Risky Option: Re-Signing IPA After Build

In most cases an IPA can be re-signed with another Apple Development account after build, but this process is not guaranteed to work. We don’t recommend to use it.