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R1.1 - New UX & UI

Flow Library


  • Create, view and delete flows
  • Sort flow by favorites, popularity, last edited, and by name

Flow View

  • View the list of traces associated with a specific flow
  • Edit flow name and description
  • Subscribe to flow updates
  • Add new traces
  • Select from unassigned traces
  • Manually upload traces
  • Quickly filter by "My traces only”
  • Filter any field of the table and remove traces from the flow or attach them to a different flow

Unassigned traces view

  • Assign traces to one or multiple flows
  • Quick filter by "My traces only”
  • Filter any field of the table

Trace Viewer


  • Main Timeline (Flame Chart)
    • Display slices on timeline, sorted by time
    • Display slices full name on hover
    • Ability to zoom with WASD or trackpad
    • Arrow measurement. Enable you to understand the duration of one function to another
    • Ability to add/remove any thread to favorites
  • Global Timeline (Aggregation View)
    • Display preview of the whole timeline in a condensed view
    • Ability to set start and end of the focus zone of the video timeline, synced with the flame graph timeline
  • Search
  • Connections
    • Build new connections
    • Build connection with real-time feedback
    • Visually highlighting slices available for connections
  • Flags
    • Ability to add/remove flag
    • Ability to drag and change flag position
    • Ability to label, change color, and add notes to flags
  • Details View
    • Display slice info
    • Display execution path info
  • Execution paths feature
    • Ability to show the full execution path available for the selected slice
    • Filter out inactive threads and sort remaining threads by start time
    • Show only the necessary depth of thread