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R1.2 - Admin

Admin Screen


A system for monitoring, maintaining, and controlling user access to your teams and projects. This is where you can:

  • Update project icons and details
  • Remove project
  • Update team member's role
  • Send/Resend invitation link
  • Add/Remove a team member
  • Enable/ disable the domain allow list so that team members of your organization can join

Login Screen


  • SSO with Google
  • Reset password
  • Register account

Flow Library

  • Ability to add, save and edit Flow titles and descriptions.

Trace Viewer


  • Tools to prioritize and deprioritize threads so that you can better see an execution path
  • Pin thread
  • Deprioritize thread
  • Toggle to show all paths or the main execution path
  • "Show all paths" lets you see additional information about how things are executed, while "Show main execution path" lets you see the most straightforward path.
  • Toggle to sort threads to prioritize execution path (Hot Key: K). It provides you the ability to hide threads irrelevant to the execution path temporarily and see the execution path better.
  • Toggle to dim slices outside execution paths (Hot Key: P). All functions outside of the execution path are dimmed for better visibility.
  • Choreographer auto connections (Android only). Save your time by manually clicking on slices executed under the choreographer during the initial exploration process.


  • Slice name and connection lines styles updated for readability enhancement
  • Ability to zoom into small slices and read their names.

Mobile app

  • Ability to create Flows
  • Ability to share and upload traces to PS Tool and
  • SSO with Google


  • Customer Support System
  • You can now file a bug or feature request directly to us.
  • Documentation
  • You can now find all the information from what is PS tool, different performance optimization tracing concepts to step-by-step guides on how to use it.